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Current Open Positions: Tech Support, Business Analyst, Pre-Sales & Marketing.


We are health tech company with vision and mission to transform the health industry to become more transparent and productive than ever. Join our mission to be a part of this memorable journey.

At Aprion, we value your personal life and professional life together. Thus, providing you 100% work-life balance. In personal life you give your family first priority and in professional life your career. We will be the part of your career growth. We believe in WIN-WIN situation, where you gain expertise and knowledge while working with us, and on the other hand making us grow with you. The time when you leave our organization, you will be proud to be a part of our team.

Crossing the Finish Line
Crossing the Finish Line


Achieving fool proof and transparent healthcare information systems through most ethical ways and achievable short term (daily, weekly and monthly) and long term ( quarterly, annually) tasks for smooth

digital transformation.

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Digital Transformation of the primitive healthcare management systems to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capable Health Care Information Systems.

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